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Useful Tips to get the most out of your mining

Start mining like a PRO

The number of CryptoTab products is growing as well as the number of your opportunities! Now it’s time to reveal all the secrets to mine more efficiently and profitably, and you can guess the first one: everything is quite simple and easy.

Check some tips to get the ultimate mining experience with CryptoTab

Follow the guide to maximize your outcome.

Use both desktop and mobile

The easiest way to increase your mining potential is using both desktop and mobile platforms! Mine flexibly on-the-go with the mobile version and double your profit by using CryptoTab on the desktop.

It takes less than a minute to download and set up.
It is an incredibly lightweight and fast browser
One hand
User-friendly customizable
Support for synchronization on multiple devices
Activate and use Cloud.Boost

Activate the Cloud.Boost feature and experience the benefits of mining more than 60 times faster! Turn your devices into Bitcoin mining farms, easily manageable, and highly profitable. Enjoy full-fledged web surfing with a modern browser and earn Bitcoins at the same time!


Use CT VPN! Yes, you heard right. The more stable your connection is, the faster and more efficiently you mine. You can enjoy all of these benefits by just installing the VPN. What is more, CT VPN also keeps your data secure anytime and anywhere even when using public Wi-Fi. So this is a win-win situation!

Encrypt Connection
Protect your Wi-Fi
Apply by Apps
Fast Speed
Traffic Optimizer
Get the PRO version on your mobile

Only the best mining opportunities are waiting for you in the PRO! CT PRO features will allow you to mine faster and manage your mining on multiple devices. You can mine 15x or 20x faster, wherever you are at any time. Here’s your way to successful mining, so don’t miss your chance!

No excessive ads
Cloud.Boost—multiplied hashrate
Crediting BTC doesn't drain the battery
Secure profile for public Wi-Fi
Unlimited number of connected remote devices
Separate profiles for multiple users
Priority technical support
Unlimited funds withdrawal from 0.00001 BTC

Now use these tips to boost your mining!

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CryptoTab is a versatile browser designed to be used by anyone, who is looking for better web experience and additional income sources.

It takes less than a minute to download and set up.
It takes less than a minute to download and set up.

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